Recirculating Milking Cow

Maggie, The Real Milking Cow, is an educational tool used for a REAL hands on experience for all ages. She is 33 inches wide, 90 inches in length, 64 inches in height and weighs about 200 pounds. She comes with a working udder with teats you can really squeeze to get the effect of milking a cow.

She is becoming a major attraction at your state and county fairs, children's museums and local pumpkin farms. Check out our Interactive Displays for more details on Maggie.

Recirculating Milking Cow Pricing

    • Painted Holstein Breeds:
    • $5,500
    • Custom Painted:
    • Call for a quote

Recirculating Milking Cow Photo Gallery

Scroll over the pictures on the right to see some of the painting options our customers have enjoyed. She can be painted in standard breed colors or any custom painting design.