Interactive Displays

Creating displays that are both educational and interactive with the public and consumers are continuing to grow in museums, retail stores, educational programs and many other venues.  FiberStock's fiberglass creations are a great addition in constructing your display because of their sturdy structures, easy installation and are manageable to move around.

  • Museum and Educational Displays

    Museum and Educational Displays

    Museums and other locations have grown in the appreance of their displays becoming more eye catching and interactive with the public. Our fiberglass displays will help you achieve these standards.

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  • Retail and Park Displays

    Retail and Park Displays

    Our products have been used as models for saddle displays in tack stores, photo opps for movie productions to interactive models on a parade float.

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  • Trade Show Displays

    Trade Show Displays

    Need a fiberglass statue to use as a model for displaying items or a teaching prop for your demonstration? Our fiberglass products can help create much attention to your booth and steal the show.

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