• Lone Ranger Horses
  • Dilly Bar
  • Airplane
  • Small Draft
  • Babe the blue gill
  • Arabian saddle ranch
  • Buffalo (white)
  • Maggie
  • Keeper of the Plains

Fiberglass Creations by FiberStock

FiberStock offers high-quality stock and custom fiberglass statues that can be used as interactive and educational displays in museums, fairs & retail stores, for advertising restaurants & ranches, or for community art projects. 

Interested in an Art Project?  We help our customers through the entire process from planning to auction. Contact us today!

    • Polo Ralph Lauren

      Polo Ralph Lauren

      Our fiberglass horses are found in Polo Ralph Lauren stores all over the world.

    • 20th Century Fox

      20th Century Fox

      Look for our fiberglass horse in the hit movie "The Greatest Showman."

    • The Met, New York

      The Met, New York

      The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC has displayed our custom creations.