Other Customer Testimonials

"I just wanted to tell you that we received our statue.  I could not be more happy.  I love it!  Every time I look out the window, I'm reminded of my old palomino horse I lost this year.  Thank you for everything!"

- Gail, Laramie, WY

 "My horse got to Havre on the 22nd.  We picked it up on Saturday.  Great shipping and packaging, not a scratch on him.  Thank you for everything."

- Daryl, Maple Creek, SK

"We received the mule yesterday that I got for my dad. My dad was thrilled with it. We were impressed with the quality of workmanship. Thank you so much."

 - Becky, Apollo, PA

Oh THANK YOU!!!! I am so excited!!! Perfect timing for me!!! I am so happy I found you.  As I said, I have been looking for almost a year for an outlet for this product.  I had even asked my suppliers, they couldn't give me any information, so thank you again!! I will be back!

- Denise, Lander, WY

"We love your product and the other designs on your website.  I got a special kick out of the Virginia Tech mascot model.  I graduated from there only 40 years ago.  Go Hokies!"

- Ben, Allston, MA

"I wanted to let you know that I Loooooveeee the Appaloosa Horse model Fiberstock did for me...I was bowled over when I saw him for real after the finishing coat had been applied; I feel as if I am looking at my Micky who died in 1979!  Whoever painted him did a smashing, bang-up, fantastic job right down to the hooves, and even the chestnuts are there on the forearms.  He is the exact color my Micky was.  Oh my Gosh I Love it so much!...We all agree he even looks as if he has hair. Everyone thinks he looks real!! I get good chills just looking at him."

- Pat, Browns Mills, NJ

"We ordered a thoroughbred horse from you last October.  I just wanted to follow up and let you know how please we are with our exhibit that we just finished...I am forwarding you a picture of our enhanced Hansom Cab exhibit.  The horse is a wonderful addition to our museum!  Thank you so much for your willingness to answer all our questions.  Your assistance was very much appreciated!"
- Laurie, Raymond, WA
"Just a note to let you know we received our Buffalo today.  It looks great!  Very well crated...Thanks very much- especially to Lloyd."
- Kevin, Buffalo, NY

"Last week we received the horse, it looks very nice and the painting is really professional.  Thanks for all and best regards."

- Michael, Kamen, Germany

"The horse head came yesterday and I just want to tell you it is absolutely gorgeous. The crate, it was boxed so nice and it's absolutely gorgeous, just gorgeous. You guys do a beautiful job and thank you very much." 

- Susan, Cleveland Heights, OH

"We received the horse head and it is in fine shape. Thanks for everything; everyone was very helpful. If I ever have a need again for fiberglass animals, you guys will definitely get the call."

- Bryan, St. Louis, MO

"The horse arrived in perfect condition yesterday as scheduled! The kids love it, and we're having a name contest to figure out what to call him. He's been unoffically dubbed "Trigger" for now, though! Thank you!

- Jackie, Newark, NJ

"Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to our project. It has not gone without notice. Thanks again!"

- Gary, Los Angeles, CA

"We had a collection committee meeting tonight and they all loved the horse. Do you have any brochures/business cards I could use as handouts? I've been spreading the message about your wonderful work through the museum world and I know once the horse is installed we'll have questions from the visitors. Thank you."

- Nicole, Walnut Grove, MN

"We have finished our remodel and have completed the installation of our horse 'Zues'. He has created quite a stir in our town and increased the number of people coming in the door significantly. We also had a contest to name him that was really successful! Thanks for the great horse!"

- Genny & David, Coeur d'Alene, ID

"My company and I purchased an American Quarter Horse model from your company in June. It has been a GREAT success and I am very happy that we worked with your company."

- Sean, Boca Raton, FL

"Thank you. I'll take it...I know I need a white patch on the forehead to be 'Black Beauty'. I'll leave the details up to you; you folks do beautiful work. Thank you. You are going to make a 5 year old very happy and that's going to make this old man very happy!"

- Ray, Memphis, TN

"Tied a lead rope to the flag pole. Apparently convincing.  One lady stopped by accusing me of abusing my "horse" by leaving him tied up all day in the sun. It would appear that the presence of the item is getting known. When I went to vote, the Election Official noticed the address and ask if I was the one that had the "horse" and buggy in the front yard. Very pleased with the appearance and your product." 

-Al, Sheridan, IN

"The ox looks good...We will keep you in mind for if we need another exhibit prop in the future.  Also, we have happily forwarded FiberStock's name to others who have inquired about our ox.  Thank you, again, for all your help in our local history project."

- Maureen, Becker, MN