Art Project Customers

Because of FiberStock's knowledge of not only the fiberglass business, but also sales and marketing, we have had the chance to play a role in many art projects across the nation.  View below a few of the project examples and artwork we have enjoyed working with by clicking on each city's name.

 Blacksburg, Virginia
"Gobble de Art"
 Missoula, Montana
"Grizzly Prowl"
"Custer Stampede"
"Spirit of the Buffalo"
 Norfolk, Virginia
"Mermaids on Parade"
"The Ox Trot"
"The Buffalo Hunt"
"Fish Out of Water"
"Buffalo Round-Up"
"Herd About the Prairie"
"Winged Horse Extravaganza"
"Where the Buffalo Roam" 
"Friends of Pelican Pete"
"The Horse of Course"
"Sailboat Regatta" 
"Herd is the Word"